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The Diagnosis

To help you in the best way,

Dr. Winter devotes considerable time to understanding in depth the source of pain and difficulty.
The first counseling session includes an interview, a comprehensive examination and usually also an initial treatment.

In the interview, we will go over your history together and we learn your case to depth. Then you will go through a series of tests to isolate and find the exact source of the pain and finally, you will sit down together and Dr. Winter will give his recommendations and if possible, also a suitable treatment plan.

The treatment

The treatments at Dr. Winter's clinic are tailored to the patient's needs, depending on the source of the pain.

Occasionally, Dr. Winter uses techniques from the world of classical chiropractic such as  Manual joint movement, stretching and posture exercises and ergonomics.

The most central treatment for which patients come is called Network Spinal Analysis.

This unique treatment method allows us to "reboot" the nervous system and thus allows changes in the way  it is functioning. The treatment is performed fully clothed, with very gentle touch in certain areas where the nervous system allows access. 

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