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Pain management

"Pain is an opportunity to heal" - Eviatar Banai

It's a little difficult to realize during pain, but pain has a purpose, to make us aware that something in our lives is not as it should be.


The treatment of pain, is initially based on an accurate diagnosis of the source of the pain , whether the source is physical, biochemical or emotional, the treatment must reach the root, and not just eliminate the symptom.


Dr. Winter has the tools to help those suffering from various body aches, back and neck pain, shoulders and knees, headaches and migraines and more.

Babies and mothers

Take care of yourself and your baby from day one

Pregnancy and childbirth are a wonderful thing.

During pregnancy, a woman's body is constantly changing and it is very important to maintain the body and skeleton in order to maintain proper pelvic position and avoid malfunctions during pregnancy and childbirth.

During childbirth, the fetus undergoes a relatively complex process, its body is compressed through the birth canal and its head and neck also undergo some trauma.

Dr. Winter has the tools to help mothers suffering from symphylisiosis , back pain and other pain during pregnancy
And help infants suffering from torticollis , reflux and other various problems.


"Musicians are athletes of the soul"

Musicians use their bodies to bring life into their instruments.
In many cases, their body takes a very significant burden and they suffer from various pains.

Whether it is joint pain in the palms of the hands, neck pain or back pain, they are often forced to stop playing just so they can continue to live.
But living without music, they are not life for musicians.

Dr. Winter, who is himself a musician, specialized in working with musicians during his work in Los Angeles and today he treats musicians in Israel with great love.


And dizziness

Vertigo is a misguided feeling of rotational dizziness, in which the person feels as if he is himself
Or the environment are in constant motion.

In treating vertigo, it is important to diagnose the source of the dizziness in the first and immediate stage.

The source can come from one of the three middle ear canals, a collision in the cervical spine or from another neurological source so accurate diagnosis is critical.

If you, or your family members suffer from mortigo, contact us today.

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