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The Golden Age

The Golden Age brings some wonderful gifts, free time to be with those who love and do things they love; Classes and lessons, trips abroad and time to be with family and grandchildren.

Along with extended life expectancy often comes a decline in quality of life, mainly due to things like memory problems, balance or other complex medical problems.

The most significant risk factor is poor balance. A fall is the first factor on the list that endangers those adults and can cause many complications, a significant decrease in quality of life and even early death due to complications.

Brain Power Program

Invest in yourself

Dr. Winter's unique brainpower program

was built to help those who want to strengthen their minds significantly and thus take responsibility for their quality of life.

The program consists of a series of bi-weekly sessions as well as various homework exercises. The program lasts about 3 months and is tailored to each individual according to their needs and the neurological data they present.

Before building the customized program, a counseling and testing session is held, in which we understand what emphases we need to pay attention to and where the neurological parameters on which the entire program is built are measured.


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