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Dyslexia is a learning disability caused by some difficulty in converting information in the central nervous system.


What does dyslexia look like?
Children with dyslexia often have difficulty writing, their handwriting is difficult to decipher, they have difficulty reading and they will do anything to make their difficulty invisible.
Often they also have difficulty in math, science and Language.

Many children face such difficulties, some get tired of coping and are distracted, some interfere with the class and some are simply silent and ashamed to explain that they are having a hard time, but they have no attention problem, the real problem is quite different.


To identify the source, the parents complete a detailed questionnaire about the child, and Dr. Winter performs a very thorough examination and diagnosis in which several systems subsystems are scanned.

After diagnosis, and identifying the source of the difficulty, it is easier to direct the family to appropriate forms of treatment.

צוות הוראה - להורדת שאלון לזיהוי מקדים

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